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Water Parks at Wisconsin DellsExploring the diversity and range of water park activities will always leave you coming back for more – an opportunity only the Dells can afford.

Wisconsin Dells Free Water park Tickets

One of the wonderful things about Wisconsin Dells is its captivating diversity of wild slides and rides that pepper both the indoor and outdoor parks. This thrilling array makes Wisconsin Dells one of the most entertaining tourist attractions for individuals, couples, and families – guaranteeing a fun filled aquatic adventure for visitors of all age groups; something our free water park tickets to Wisconsin Dells helps you to enjoy.

This diversity extends from exciting water slides to enthralling loops and sparkling swimming pools. The expansive surf pools and wave pools add a somewhat relaxing dimension to your vacation – a memorable and original aquatic experience. As you rocket through the various loops and slides, be sure to check out the fantastic line-up of thematic parks, each of which has something authentic on offer.

The exhilarating thematic experience of exploring each and every slide, ride, and pool, makes your time at Wisconsin Dells something very special – a vacation that makes you come back for more.

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park

When it comes to family fun, nothing competes with the extravagance of Mt. Olympus. This thematic park is, incidentally, considered the world’s largest theme and water park resort, hosting a 120,000 square foot indoor park. The numerous resort options means you’ll always have relaxing and comfortable accommodation after a day of water-filled enjoyment. Mt. Olympus also hosts four main parks, going by the themes of Zeus’ Playground, Neptune’s Water Kingdom, The Parthenon, and Medusa’s Indoor Water park. Each of these parks, in turn, provides an original and unique aquatic experience through its thrilling array of rides, slides, and pools.

The spectacular range of water activities offered by Mt. Olympus means there’s something for everyone. You could, of course, take the time to glide down one of its 44 available slides or, alternatively, rocket down one of its 5 magnificent roller coaster’s. If sliding and spiraling isn’t for you, why not explore their 8 exciting go-kart tracks, golfing opportunities, as well as skiing! Experiencing the wonder of Mt. Olympus is something everyone should take valued memories from, something you should plan in advance ahead receiving your free water park tickets to Wisconsin Dells.

Kalahari Water Park

Boasting an exciting mix of rides, slides, and adventures, Kalahari Water Park is an eclectic alternative yet memorable theme. It harbors both indoor as well as outdoor parks, featuring iconic water slides such as the Swahili Swirl and Anaconda. Kalahari Water Park takes you back to Africa as you explore its diversity of spas, pools, and rivers. But, this park also provides relaxing amenities such as spas, salons and excellent dining opportunities. The Kalahari is particularly catered toward children of all ages, but also includes fantastic opportunities for adults alike.
As it’s open all year round, the Kalahari Water park is perfect for those seeking a convenient vacation at a time that suits you. This African themed resort takes you into a world of marine splendor, capturing every moment in the most entertaining way. In fact, one of the best ways to experience the Kalahari Water park is through the Victoria Fall’s family raft ride, something that cleverly emulates the real thing – definitely something you should consider as you plan your next vacation to Wisconsin Dells.

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Stretched across seventy rambling acres at the heart of Wisconsin Dells, the Noah’s Ark Water park offers yet another unique perspective on water-filled fun. Featuring over 50 water slides, expansive wave pools, and meandering rivers, Noah’s Ark is sure to satisfy the needs of any prospective water traveler. Bringing kids along? No problems, as Noah’s Ark supplies fully-catered children’s water play areas, ensuring your kids enjoyment just as much as yours. The wealth of exciting rides and slides makes Noah’s Ark a superb aquatic experience for all.

Names such as Time Warp, the World’s Largest Bowl Ride, and Scorpion’s Tail, give you some idea of the types of exciting slides on offer. Moreover, the safety record of Noah’s Ark speaks for itself, as they proudly earned the Top Award for Aquatic Safety every year since 1995. As one of the most memorable and unforgettable water parks in the world, Noah’s Ark has proven itself to be among the best of its kind in the world today. No trip to Wisconsin Dells would be complete without a visit to this magnificent marine quarter.

Chula Vista Water park

The luxurious Chula Vista is located in an impressive corner of Wisconsin Dells, providing you with a relaxing atmosphere as well as one conducive to fun, exhilaration, and the unexpected. The resort hosts over 200,000 square feet of water park activity – sporting both indoor as well as outdoor parks. These exciting attractions have helped define Wisconsin Dells as the water park capital of the world, with its extreme roller coasters, charming boat rides, and a multitude of fantastic dining opportunities. The outdoor water park is fully equipped everything you need to stimulate your senses – from wave pools to golf courses, and waterfalls to poolside cabanas – there’s something for everyone at Chula Vista.

The indoor water park, however, is an 80,000 square foot multi-level complex that goes by the name of Lost Rios. Home to the fastest indoor roller coaster in the United States, splashing around Lost Rios has never been more fun. Whether you’re drifting around the lazy river or being interactive with your kids at the play areas, Chula Vista remains the perfect escape from ordinary life.

Take advantage of all this destination has to offer through our free water park tickets to Wisconsin Dells. Visiting this exciting array of thematic parks acts as the perfect getaway vacation for you and yours. Enjoying the scenery, relaxing at your resort, fueling your holiday with excitement, are all available at the touch of a button. Take a deserving break to Wisconsin Dells, while creating a memorable experience that all in the family can savor.

The exhilarating thematic experience of exploring each and every slide, ride, and pool, makes your time at Wisconsin Dells something very special – a vacation that makes you come back for more.


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